Kuvings AUTO10 Slow Juicer COMING SOON! – Expected May

Meet the newest generation of juicers that will save prep time and make juicing easier with the Kuvings AUTO10. Kuvings’ cold press technology is now combined with the largest hopper on the market. This makes it extra convenient for those who make large batches of juices at home or those who just want to save time. With the Kuvings AUTO10, you can feed the ingredients into the hopper, turn it on, and walk away. Simplified parts inside also make cleaning a breeze. Like all Kuvings cold press juicers, you can juice fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, make smoothies, nut milks, sorbets, and more.


With the automatic “Mega Hopper” container with the world’s largest capacity of 3000ml, you can pickle large vegetables and fruits uncut and whole without having to trim them, saving valuable preparation time.


By using a powerful motor, it is possible to juice fresh ingredients over a longer period of time. It offers excellent durability and is even quieter during use.


The upper double chopping blade is designed to automatically cut the whole pickled ingredients and quickly convey the cut ingredients to the juicing part for pressing.


Cleaning the KuvingsAUTO10 Slow Juicer is child’s play thanks to the innovative clipper brush, included with the product. This newly designed cleaning tool is specifically designed to simplify the cleaning process for both the inside and outside of the strainer.

With its unique, scissor-like shape and robust bristles, the brush effortlessly removes residue and pulp, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal performance.


Smart cap with improved design that makes it easier to open and close. You can use the Smart Cap to prevent leaks, mix the juices in the press container and rinse the AUTO10 before cleaning.

The improved Smart Cap is square. This makes it leak-proof and provides a better grip when dispensing juice.