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Whole Slow Juice

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is a slow masticating cold press juicer with a vertical screw press.

In contrast to the centrifugal juicer with its frictional heat generated by the rotation, the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, offers a particularly gentle method of preparation and thus enables excellent juice quality.

It reduces juice loss and maximises nutrient content.

The vertical screw press helps to add and juice the ingredients more easily as the ingredients move down by gravity.

In addition, the screw press not only effectively juices the juice from various vegetables and fruits, but also prevents the oxidation and deterioration of important nutrients in fruits and vegetables through cold pressing. In this case, all the useful substances will remain in the juice.

With the Kuvings Juicer you can enjoy healthy and nutritious juices!






Superior juice quality to high-speed versions

J.M.C.S patenting of adhesive modules

Kuving’s patented slow-press juicer, uses a vertical screw press to squeeze ingredients harder and deeper, bringing the flavour and nutrients of fruit and vegetables closer to the raw materials. In addition, the very low oxidation ensures that vitamins, enzymes and nutrients are preserved. This creates a particularly healthy and delicious juice.

The excellent quality of the slow juicer is reflected in the quality of the juice, which is better than that of a conventional centrifugal juicer.

The Kuvings motors have been researched and continuously developed for over 45 years.

Kuvings is characterised by the excellent engine performance and the Cold Press Slow Juicer. J.M.C.S (Juicer Module Comprising system). Kuvings is patented in more than 100 countries around the world and has won the grand prize for invention patents.

Tips for choosing the Kuvings Juicer that is right for you

The EVO820

The EVO820 is loved by customers around the world. With it’s 82 mm diameter flip gate, it is designed so that ingredients can easily be added without putting your hand inside the juicer, making it more convenient and safer to use.

Because it releases pulp more easily, it generates less heat during pressing and has a faster juicing speed than the B8200. So if you’re juicing more than 500 ml at a time, we recommend the EVO820.The pressure generated during mastication is distributed appropriately, increasing the likelihood that the various physiological agents remain in the fruits and vegetables, and are not destroyed by the heat and pressure.


The EVO820 is both practical and beautiful and has won a number of international design awards. The Saffiano pattern is in harmony with the signature ‘Matte Gunmetal’ colour developed by Kuvings Design Lab to make your kitchen look even more elegant.


REVO830 is a new product that makes juicing easier.

The latest model from Kuvings is the REVO830, which makes juicing even easier. It handles celery which can be challenging to juice particularly well. Long ingredients such as carrots and cucumbers can also be fed into the 43 mm wide feed opening, without chopping them, as this is done by an automatic cutting function. The second 90 mm wide flip-gate feed opening enables larger whole fruits to be juiced. 

The REVO830 also has wider pulp and juice outlets, a larger body and narrower juice and pulp containers.

Differences between the EVO820 and the REVO830

Both models feature a flip-gate feed opening for adding whole ingredients. The EVO820 has an 82 mm filler hole and the REVO830 has a slightly larger 90 mm filler hole. However, the REVO830 is also additionally equipped with a second narrow 43 mm Auto-Cut feed opening which has been specially developed for carrots and celery. Long, fibrous ingredients fed into the Auto-Cut hopper are chopped up by the improved juicing auger (squeezing roller) equipped with a cutting mechanism.